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Arts / Celebrities / Interviews / Sex08.10.2014

David Choe Tells Us Why He’s Giving Away $100,000 in a Scavenger Hunt

And I say, "Why don’t you pick?" And he goes, “What do you mean?” I go, “Look through my phone, here go ahead,” and he goes, “What do you mean?” I go, “Look,” and I show him the pictures, and his eyes were the biggest they’ve ever gotten. I go, “I have hundreds of girlfriends, just pick. You want me to get married so bad, I can’t pick any of them. This one is really good at sucking dick, this one does this for me, this one sucks my dick and then makes me dinner, this one can hold a conversation, this one’s really funny. I don’t know, I can’t pick one, but you really want me to get married.” I’m like, this is crazy, I’m having a real talk with my dad. So he goes, "This is crazy," and I go, “You know what, this feels fucking good.” So since Thanksgiving, I don’t lie to my parents anymore.


Conspiracy Theories / History / Interviews / Politics01.10.2014

10 Fascinating Articles From the CIA’s Secret Employee Magazine

In 2007, Jeffrey Scudder, a veteran information technology specialist at the Central Intelligence Agency, came across the archives of the agency's in-house magazine, Studies in Intelligence. The catch: They were classified. So Scudder filed a Freedom of Information Act request. And then things got messy. "I submitted a FOIA and it basically destroyed my entire career," he told the Washington Post.He was confronted by supervisors and accused of mishandling classified information while assembling his FOIA request. His house was raided by the FBI and his family's computers seized. Stripped of his job and his security clearance, Scudder said he agreed to retire last year after being told that if he refused, he risked losing much of his pension. Now, in response to a lawsuit filed by Scudder, the CIA has declassified and released some of the hundreds of journal articles he's requested. Nearly 250 of them have been posted on the CIA's website. Published over four decades, they offer a fascinating peek at the history of US intelligence as well as the corporate culture of "the Company."


Interviews / Skate03.09.2014

The Andrew Reynolds Interview

I just went to a Zumiez contest in Nebraska and there were like 30 people there. People think skateboarding is bigger and there’s more money to be made off of it than there actually is. With everybody in the world wearing the Janoski shoe and how it took off… it made people say, “Wow, a pro skater’s shoe can sell like that!!?” because it had a pro skaters name on it. But his shoe just happened to be like a Chuck Taylor or something. Stefan killed it and made a good, timeless design, but it was a once in a lifetime type thing. That and some of the fashion stuff kind of led people to believe skateboarding is something that it’s not.

To match Feature SCIENCE-MEAT/

Business / Interviews / Science / Technology18.07.2014

Laboratory-grown beef: meat without the murder, but would you eat it?

Growing meat in labs could cut hunger, tackle climate change and end animal slaughter, but creator Professor Mark Post says the biggest beef will be convincing consumers.


Business / Interviews / Movies / Society24.06.2014

Playboy Interview – Gary Oldman

"I look at the world, I look at our leadership and I look at every aspect of our culture and wonder what will make it better. I have no idea. Any night of the week you only need to turn on one of these news channels and watch for half an hour. Read the newspaper. Go online. Our world has gone to hell. I listen to the radio and hear about these lawsuits and about people like this high school volleyball coach who took it upon herself to get two students to go undercover to do a marijuana bust. You’re a fucking volleyball coach! This is not 21 Jump Street."


Interviews / Music / Videos21.03.2014

CRWN IX with Lil Wayne

During his trip to Austin for SXSW last week, Lil Wayne sat down with hip-hop journalist Elliott Wilson for his CRWN series. In the hour-long interview, the self-described "triple OG" talks about idolizing Jay Z, his protégés Drake and Nicki Minaj, Kendrick Lamar’s "Control" verse, Kanye West’s "Yeezus Tour", his final solo album, skateboarding, his prison memoir, and sports.


History / Interviews / Movies / Politics / Videos17.02.2014

dctp.tv – Nachrichten vom Großen Krieg (1914 – 1918)

Der renommierte Historiker Prof. em. Dr. Gerd Krumeich ist einer der Herausgeber der ENZYKOPÄDIE 1. WELTKRIEG. Sein packender Bericht zeigt, wie wenig man von diesem „Unfall der Geschichte“ weiß. Auch die Menschen, die den Krieg auslösten und in ihm kämpften, hatten kein Übersicht. Alle glaubten an einen kurzen Krieg. Sie gingen davon aus, Weihnachten 1914 wieder zuhause zu sein. Dieser Krieg, mit dem die Politiker und die Generäle nicht zurechtkamen, war zugleich eine Alchimistenküche von Neuerungen. Zu Beginn gibt es auf deutscher Seite 4.000 Funker, am Ende 300.000. Der Anfang gerät in einen Stellungskrieg, am Ende werden bereits die Elemente des Bewegungskriegs und der Panzerschlachten des 2. Weltkriegs vorbereitet.


Arts / Interviews12.02.2014

Leo Fitzpatrick on His New Home Alone 2 Gallery, Where “the Artist Is Always Right”

When America met Leo Fitzpatrick in the 1995 cult classic Kids, he was playing the adolescent prince of downtown, swinging his shoulders across the Lower East Side in oversized clothes and yelling taunting curses through the streets. Today, at 36, the actor who was discovered when photographer and director Larry Clark saw him skateboarding in Washington Square Park — he was the loudest, angriest kid Clark had ever seen — still identifies as a sort of misfit. As a co-owner of the teeny Lower East Side gallery Home Alone 2 with the artist Nate Lowman, he is trying to create a DIY antidote to what he sees as the snooty attitude dominating the New York art scene.


Interviews / Music30.08.2013

You Listen To This Man Every Day

Since the mid-1980s, he has been the industry’s very own burly, bearded version of Forrest Gump, appearing in the background, slightly blurry but ever present, at a remarkable number of key musical moments. Except that Rubin's ubiquity is not an accident. His production credits include LL Cool J’ Radio (which may have been the first real hip-hop album); The Beastie Boys’ Licensed to Ill; “Walk This Way” by Run-D.M.C. and Aerosmith; Public Enemy’s It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back (as executive producer); the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Blood Sugar Sex Magik; Tom Petty’s Wildflowers; Johnny Cash’s American Recordings series; and various songs and albums by Justin Timberlake, System of a Down, Metallica, Slayer, Danzig, Weezer, AC/DC, Nine Inch Nails ... The list goes on.


Arts / Interviews / Podcast / Sex31.07.2013

SModcast #263: David Choe

SModcast is a weekly podcast featuring filmmaker Kevin Smith and his long-time producing partner Scott Mosier. Released each Sunday night/Monday morning, the episodes are generally one hour in length and feature Smith and Mosier discussing current events and other non-sequitur topics. In this Episode we hear tales of art, comics, sex, Facebook and all vices are explored to excess and we learn how boring our lives really are. With Special Guest artist and podcaster David Choe.


Interviews / TV23.07.2013

The Last Stand of Walter White

A cancer-ridden science teacher transforms himself into a sinister meth lord. That's the story of 'Breaking Bad.' But it's also the story of how Bryan Cranston became TV's greatest leading man. As the show enters its final stretch, GQ's Brett Martin discovers why Walter White will always live on.


Fuppes / Interviews / Videos17.07.2013

Hermann Gerland – Junge Profis auf dem Weg ins Spiel

Einem wie Sandro Wagner hätte ich allerdings nicht unbedingt zugetraut, dass er in der Bundesliga spielt. Der hat bei mir in 42 oder 43 Spielen zwei Tore geschossen. Das ist tatsächlich der Spieler, bei dem ich sagen könnte: »Er hat mich eines besseren belehrt.« Wobei man erst einmal abwarten muss. Schließlich ist man noch kein Bundesligaspieler, wenn man dreimal eingewechselt wird.


Interviews / Music13.06.2013

Behind Kanye’s Mask

I think what Kanye West is going to mean is something similar to what Steve Jobs means. I am undoubtedly, you know, Steve of Internet, downtown, fashion, culture. Period. By a long jump. I honestly feel that because Steve has passed, you know, it’s like when Biggie passed and Jay-Z was allowed to become Jay-Z. I think that’s a responsibility that I have, to push possibilities, to show people: “This is the level that things could be at.” So when you get something that has the name Kanye West on it, it’s supposed to be pushing the furthest possibilities. I will be the leader of a company that ends up being worth billions of dollars, because I got the answers. I understand culture. I am the nucleus.

snowden interview

Conspiracy Theories / Crimes / Internet / Interviews / Politics / Society / Videos10.06.2013

Edward Snowden: the whistleblower behind the NSA surveillance revelations

The individual responsible for one of the most significant leaks in US political history is Edward Snowden, a 29-year-old former technical assistant for the CIA and current employee of the defence contractor Booz Allen Hamilton. Snowden has been working at the National Security Agency for the last four years as an employee of various outside contractors, including Booz Allen and Dell.

PokerPages Photo

Interviews / Sports24.05.2013

When We Held Kings – The Oral History of the 2003 World Series of Poker

The oral history of the 2003 World Series of Poker, in which an amateur named Moneymaker turned $39 into $2.5 million and the poker boom was born.


Interviews / Photography / Skate21.05.2013

Ed Templeton – Deliverance Interview

In the mid 90’s Ed Templeton started documenting life around him. As a professional skateboarder Ed has been able to travel the world on skate tours, giving him the opportunity to photograph his vision of contemporary culture and life around him. Ed’s camera mainly points towards the people he encounters in his everyday life, seeking for truthful moments to capture.


Interviews / Live / Music / Videos03.05.2013

Tyler, The Creator – Elliot Wilson Interview

Recently, Tyler sat down at a sold event in New York’s Highline Ballroom to speak to Elliot Wilson, for the CRWN live interview series. The interview – which lasted over an hour – took place on April 23rd and was not your typical Tyler interview. Instead of the usual joke answers we have come to expect from Odd Future interviews, Tyler instead gave fans an insight into his life and creative process, among other things.

Protest gegen Neonazi-Aufmarsch in Berlin

Berlin / Interviews / Society30.12.2012

Bundestagsvizepräsident wettert gegen Schwaben in Berlin

Bundestagsvizepräsident Wolfgang Thierse (SPD) hat das alltägliche Zusammenleben mit zugezogenen Schwaben in dem Berliner Stadtteil Prenzlauer Berg als mitunter "strapaziös" bezeichnet. "Ich wünsche mir, dass die Schwaben begreifen, dass sie jetzt in Berlin sind – und nicht mehr in ihrer Kleinstadt mit Kehrwoche". Thierse konkretisierte, er ärgere sich, wenn er etwa beim Bäcker erfahre, dass es keine Schrippen gebe, sondern Wecken. "Da sage ich: In Berlin sagt man Schrippen, daran könnten sich selbst Schwaben gewöhnen." Ebenso störe es ihn, wenn ihm in Geschäften "Pflaumendatschi" angeboten würden. "Was soll das? In Berlin heißt es Pflaumenkuchen", sagte Thierse der Zeitung.


Crimes / Interviews / Society16.10.2012

Auch Mörder können sympathisch sein

Interview mit Hans-Ludwig Kröber, einer der gefragtesten Gerichtspsychiater Deutschlands. Seine Gutachten entscheiden mit darüber, ob ein Schwerverbrecher wieder in Freiheit kommt.


Berlin / Interviews / Music / Videos25.09.2012

Toxik trifft MC Basstard – Die Geschichte von Berlin Crime

MC Basstards Werdegang ist unweigerlich verknüpft mit der Gruppe BC - Berlin Crime, denn seit dem 15 Lebensjahr übernahm die Gang seine Erziehung, zumindest lautet so eine Textzeile aus dem Lied "Gehasst von vielen". Über den heutigen Hauptmann und Autoren Arye Shalicar alias Boss Aro kam der junge MC Basstard zu BC, außerdem verleihte Aro dem Tun der Jungs Struktur, lehrte sie gehorsam und Loyalität. So formierte sich mit der Zeit rund um Basstard, Mc Bogy, Manny Marc und Frauenarzt die Gruppe Berlin Crime. Eine Truppe aus Berliner Jungs die gemeinsam abhingen, malen gingen und um die Häuser zogen.


Arts / Interviews / Movies / Videos04.09.2012

David Fincher: A Film Title Retrospective

Perhaps no other living director has done as much for the art of the title sequence as David Fincher. The filmmaker’s work inarguably helped kickstart the title design renaissance of the 1990s, a revival that the medium still enjoys to this day. From the slumberous doom of Alien³ and the meticulous grotesquery of Se7en to the dreadful reminiscence of The Game, the electrical inner workings of Fight Club, and the majestic imposition of Panic Room, the director’s title sequences are as distinct from one another as they are distinctly the works of Fincher.

Jean-Claude Van Damme

Celebrities / Interviews / Movies19.08.2012

Jean-Claude Van Damme: ‘I tried to play the system; I was blacklisted’

"I adopted a few dogs in Thailand, and he was one of them. Another dog was attacking him. He was full of scars, I don't know if they used him for fighting, so I called him Scarface. So I've got all this promotion, I've got [morning TV show] The View booked, the New York Times … They say, 'If you go there, the movie will do well.' But my dog is sick, he had a stroke. Brain stroke. So, clinically, he's dead. I go to the clinic and he's got tubes and everything. I love animals. I talk in his ear and I kiss him, and guess what? The fucker wakes up! We have to get him in a cage, so I get the biggest one, and I sleep there with him. What, I'm gonna promote JCVD? Who's JCVD? He's the guy we saw in the movie. Why change him in real life? So, Scarface was alive next to me. He had a tube in his penis, I had to change it. And now he's an amazing dog. He loves me like crazy. And JCVD's gone, but Scarface is here. And God paid me back with Expendables 2. Voilà."


Interviews / Media / Politics / Society25.07.2012

„Ich bin nicht die Therapie, ich bin der Schmerz.“ Im Gespräch – mit Georg Schramm

"... ich würde mich allenfalls als Verfassungspatrioten mit einer hohen Wertschätzung für Rationalität bezeichnen. Wobei der letztere Aspekt in den vergangenen Jahren eine gewisse Relativierung erfahren hat. Als Dombrowski fand ich früher Friedrich den Großen besonders deshalb sympathisch, weil der keinen Nationalstaat wollte, sondern einen Rationalstaat. Heute sehe ich, dass die kalte, absolut moralfreie und bis zur äußersten Konsequenz getriebene hemmungslose Rationalität der Finanzkapitalisten uns direkt in die Katastrophe führt und verstehe endlich einen Gedanken von Adorno und Horckheimer aus deren „Dialektik der Aufklärung“, auf den ich erst spät in meinem Leben, erst vor anderthalb Jahren, gestoßen bin: „Seit je hat Aufklärung im umfassendsten Sinn fortschreitenden Denkens das Ziel verfolgt, von den Menschen die Furcht zu nehmen und sie als Herren einzusetzen. Aber die vollends aufgeklärte Erde strahlt im Zeichen triumphalen Unheils.“


Interviews / Music / Videos11.06.2012

BACKSPIN Stammtisch – Marcus Staiger

Für unser neues BACKSPIN TV-Format, Stammtisch, haben wir niemand Geringeres als den Hip-Hop-Provokateur schlechthin, unseren geschätzten Kollegen Marcus Staiger, in dem Berliner Restaurant seiner Wahl getroffen, um bei türkischen Köstlichkeiten, über seine Aktivitäten nach Rap.de, seinen neuen Job bei Aggro.tv und Journalismus allgemein wie auch speziell im Hip-Hop zu sprechen. Der Royal Bunker-Gründer erwies sich ein weiteres Mal als redseliger Gesprächspartner, der mit seiner Meinung nicht lange hinter dem Berg hält.