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Documentary / Videos17.04.2015

Short Film about Vice Magazine’s move to NYC in 1999

"Back in 1999, I directed a short doc of Shane Smith, Gavin McInnes and Suroosh Alvi moving their growing little magazine 'Vice' to New York from Old Montreal. They were fresh off a big "million dollar deal", and they were still best friends. It was for a show I made called Moving Stories', one of the first "reality shows" in Canada. It now feels like a sleepy NFB doc, which makes it all the more beautiful."


Documentary / Music / Videos25.11.2014

Ewen Spencer – Open Mic

The storied characters of the London grime scene reflect on the mythical genesis of the musical movement in a new film Open Mic, by documentary photographer Ewen Spencer. He reveals iconic footage of early battles and performances and traces the growth of the genre as it blows up – “out of the estates and into Top of the Pops” – with new interview material that looks back on the events with the benefit of retrospect.


Documentary / Making-Of / Movies / Trailer / Videos23.03.2014

‘Jodorowsky’s Dune’ Theatrical Trailer

'Jodorowsky's Dune' is a 2013 American documentary film directed by Frank Pavich. The film explores Chilean-French director Alejandro Jodorowsky's attempt to adapt and film Frank Herbert's science fiction novel Dune in the mid-1970s.


Business / Documentary / Drugs / Music / Videos24.01.2014

Kidd Life

Hard-hitting and darkly comic music documentary-turned-social commentary following Nicholas Kidd, a young, ordinary guy who shoots to fame overnight when his mock-rap YouTube video goes viral. As he is invited onto talk shows, to awards ceremonies, and even to partake in a charity poetry reading, Kidd illustrates the absurdity of his fame and how disturbingly surreal it is that the joke has got so out of hand. But slowly the tables turn and, lured by sex, drugs and wild partying, we watch Kidd get swept up in the world he started out mocking.


Documentary / Photography / Videos29.11.2013


This film meets Ricky Powell, a native New Yorker whose photographs of iconic people such as the Beastie Boys, Keith Haring and Cindy Crawford made him a pivotal figure in the downtown party scene during the '80s and '90s. Now 50, Ricky’s lust for photography and music is still strong. Through his eccentricities such as his love for a transistor radio and feeding squirrels in the park, we gain an insight into his everyday life. Retrospective of New York City and how it has changed over his lifetime, he shows us around the city and contemplates what the future holds.


Conspiracy Theories / Crimes / Documentary / Politics22.10.2013

Dirty Wars

Investigative journalist Jeremy Scahill travels to Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, and other countries where the United States has taken military action. In Afghanistan, he investigates a night raid conducted by the Joint Special Operations Command. He also investigates the U.S. assassination of Anwar al-Awlaki. The documentary also shares testimonies from CIA agents, Special Forces operators, military generals, and warlords backed by the United States. Dirty Wars premiered at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival on January 18, 2013. The film competed in the U.S. documentary section, and it won the Cinematography award.

Berlin / Crimes / Documentary18.10.2013

Verbrecher aus TV-Doku sitzt wieder im Knast

In der Arte-Dokumentation „Gangsterläufer“ wurde die kriminelle Karriere des Intensivtäters aus Berlin-Neukölln bereits umfassend dokumentiert. Aus eben dieser Rolle scheint Yehya el-A. nicht ausbrechen zu können. Seit Dienstag sitzt der 23-Jährige aus Neukölln, mal wieder, hinter Gittern.


Berlin / Crimes / Documentary / Movies / TV25.06.2013


Bei uns hier in Neukölln gibt's so ein Spiel, das spielen wir jedes Wochenende mit 30, 40 Jungs. Einer ist der Fänger und die anderen laufen weg. Und wenn er einen gefangen hat, darf er ihm 30 Sekunden lang Todesschläge geben und der darf sich nicht mal wehren. Danach ist er auch Fänger und darf seine Wut an den anderen auslassen. Einer bleibt am Ende übrig, der beste. Der, den sie nicht gekriegt haben. Und das ist dann der Gangsterläufer.


Arts / Business / Documentary / Sports / Videos11.02.2013

Poster Boys: How The Costacos Brothers Built A Wall Art Empire

A University of Washington graduate whose football team had the best defense in the country at the time, Costacos came up with the idea of making a "Purple Reign" T-shirt to honor the team, featuring a lineman in a purple jersey falling from a cloud in the sky. Costacos printed up the shirts, traveled to a road game at Stanford one fall weekend and sold them in the parking lot. The idea was brilliant. By the end of the first week, he later estimated he had sold 20,000. An idea was born. Along with his older brother, Tock, he parlayed those T-shirts into series of sports-themed posters that, like that first T-shirt, played on pop culture. Together, they created one of the most influential businesses in the history of sports marketing. Its lasting impact eventually would extend all the way to a New York City art gallery, where, 25 years later, those posters were viewed as art and sold for thousands. At one show Ultimate Fighting Championship president Dana White bought the entire gallery collection.


Documentary / Music / Trailer / Videos24.01.2013

The What What

Noreaga and his longtime friend Geno Sims collected a treasure trove of hip hop footage back in the late 90’s for a documentary show they called The What What. And in this newly unearthed trailer, there is literally too much to comprehend. There’s random bits of Big Pun, KRS One, Eminem making crank calls, Snoop Dogg at his most misogynistic, a chubby 50 Cent coveting NORE’s then-new Skytel 2-way pager…There’s Jay-Z and Amil, Capone in prison, De La Soul….and at the 2:25 mark, we see Cam’ron shopping his new 17-year-old artist Juelz Santana to Chris Lighty (RIP) and his staff. Amazing.

Fugazi_ instrumentsoundtrack-01

Documentary / Live / Music07.12.2012

Fugazi – Instrument

Instrument is a documentary film directed by Jem Cohen about the band Fugazi. It was shot from 1987 through 1998 on super 8, 16mm and video and is composed mainly of footage of concerts, interviews with the band members, practices, tours and time spent in the studio recording their 1995 album, Red Medicine. The film also includes portraits of fans as well as interviews with them at various Fugazi shows around the United States throughout the years.


Documentary / Games / Sports / Videos02.11.2012

Tecmo Bowl Documentary

Tecmo Bowl is an arcade game developed and released in 1988. The godfather of football video games, Tecmo once ruled the controllers of sports fans everywhere. The documentary features coverage of an annual Tecmo Bowl tournament in Madison, Wisconsin, along with retired NFL players who played and starred in the game, most notably Christian Okoye.


Business / Documentary / TV30.10.2012

Dunkle Zukunftsaussichten – Ein Dokument über die Dokumentaristen

Mindestgage wäre das mindeste - deutsche Dokumentarfilmer sind das Prekariat des Fernsehens. Eine neue Studie macht die ganze Misere deutlich: Viele können von ihrer Arbeit kaum leben. Demnach verdienen etwa Dokumentarfilmregisseure im Schnitt 1380 Euro netto im Monat, rund achtzehn Prozent der für die Studie befragten liegen sogar unter dem zu versteuernden Minimum von 636 Euro netto im Monat. Nur fünfzehn Prozent der Dokumentarfilmer können von ihrer Arbeit leben, alle anderen verdienen Geld in anderen Jobs und sind auf finanzielle Unterstützung angewiesen. Weniger geht nicht.


Documentary / Music / Videos25.10.2012

Joy Division

Joy Division is a 2007 British documentary film on the British post-punk band Joy Division. The film assembles TV clips, newsreel, pictures of modern Manchester and Manchester in the late 1970s, and interviews. Filmmaker Grant Gee speaks with now-deceased Factory Records founder Tony Wilson; legendary producer Martin Hannett; surviving Joy Division band members Bernard Sumner, Stephen Morris, and Peter Hook; and the late Ian Curtis's Belgian lover Annik Honoré in order to offer a vivid snapshot of the fleeting moment in time when Manchester's Joy Division changed the face of modern music.


Berlin / Documentary23.10.2012

Prenzlauer Berg – Begegnungen zwischen dem 1. Mai und dem 1. Juli 1990

"Prenzlauer Berg – Begegnungen zwischen dem 1. Mai und dem 1. Juli 1990" liefert Bilder aus dem Leben der Kiez-Bewohner in den letzten Monaten vor der Währungsunion. "We need revolution" singt "Herbst in Peking" aus dem Prenzlauer Berg in den Trümmern der Mauer am Rande ihres Stadtbezirks. Dabei ist im Mai '90 schon fast alles gelaufen. Im "Prater" schwooft Knatter-Karl mit seiner Freundin. Frieda und Gerda im "Hackepeter" sind erschüttert; denn gleich nach dem Fall der Mauer wurde im Tierpark ein Papagei gestohlen. Die Polizei jagt bewaffnete Männer, während Näherinnen erklären, warum die Vietnamesen zuerst entlassen werden. Ein einsamer Gast aus dem "Wiener Cafe" singt zum Abschied das Lied von der Heimat, während die rumänische Combo zum Balkan-Express zurückeilt. Die Hausbesetzer träumen von Anarchie und Frau Ziervogel, Inhaberin von Berlins berühmtester Würstchenbude, segnet das erste Westgeld. Der Tag der Währungsunion ist da. Filipp Moritz besetzt den Prenzlauer Berg.


Documentary / Music / Videos12.10.2012

Trash Talk – 119

A portrait of Trash Talk, featuring skating, graffiti, weed, Odd Future, and mayhem.


Documentary / Music / Videos14.09.2012

A$AP Rocky: A$VP C4

A$AP Rocky's A$VP C4 documentary was put together by Luke Monaghan for Channel 4 in the UK. In the doc, Rocky and his crew members A$AP Yams and A$AP Twelvyy take a look back at how the movement started, and tell the story behind the making of the "Peso" video. Rocky also talks about his first show in London, and growing up in Harlem in the 90's.


Documentary / Movies / Videos04.09.2012

The Dude (Director’s Cut)

Meet the dude behind The Dude! Sundance Award winning director Jeff Feuerzeig reveals the inspiration for the beloved central character in the Coen Brothers' cult-favorite film THE BIG LEBOWSKI. This documentary short follows Jeff Dowd to a Lebowski Fest offering a glimpse into this fascinating subculture and colorful real-life character behind the iconic mythical Dude and the secret to how he always abides...


Arts / Documentary / Videos15.08.2012

Future Crew – Making of Second Reality

Awesome, Mindblowing, Unbelievable, Impossible. Some of the words used to describe what this piece of code from demoscene gods Future Crew did on 1993-era PC hardware. Even by today's standards, what this program can do without relying on any kind of 3D graphics acceleration is impressive. As if the graphics weren't impressive enough, it can even playback in Dolby Surround Sound.


Documentary / Fuppes / Videos26.07.2012

Vägen tillbaka – Blådårar 2 – The Road Back (2002)

Blådårar 2 is set in 2000, the year after Malmö FF had been relegated to Superettan, and follows the team as they fight for Malmö FF's return to Allsvenskan. The film has a significant focus on Zlatan Ibrahimović (then 19 years old), his progress and how he was eventually sold to AFC Ajax during the 2001 season.


Documentary / Skate / Videos03.07.2012

Skate On Film

This 20-minute film chronicles the influence that the video part has had on the skateboarding industry through current skater and filmmaker interviews along with footage from the most popular and respected videos of all time, ranging from Stacy Peralta's The Bones Brigade Video Show (1984), to Element's Rise and Shine (2011). "Skate on Film" combines in-depth interviews with industry greats, such as Andrew Reynolds, Matt Hensley, Heath Kirchart and Nyjah Huston, just to name a few.


Basketball / Documentary / Sports / Videos25.06.2012

The Dream Team

Twenty years after The Dream Team dominated unlike any other sports team in Olympic history, NBA TV's behind the scenes look at the squad brought back many moments of nostalgia. The documentary entitled The Dream Team, narrated by Edward Burns, began by looking at the history of Olympic basketball, including how the Soviet Union team won the gold in 1972 and 1988 just when it seemed like the Americans'amateur players were good enough to win the gold every year.


Documentary / Skate / Videos17.04.2012

This Is Andrew

Desillusion magazine and Nixon proudly present their latest video instalment “This is Andrew”, a video portrait paying tribute to US street skateboarder Andrew Reynolds. Growing up in a small town in Florida, Andrew started skateboarding at a very young age. Due to his exceptional talent – Reynolds won the first contest he ever entered – he drew the attention of the skate industry and landed on some of the top sponsored teams as a teenager. Following Tony Hawk and others to the Californian epicentre of skateboarding at the age of 18, he met fellow skateboarders like Jim Greco, Ali Boulala and Knox Godoy, later on known as the “Piss Drunx”, ruling the streets of LA.


Documentary / Fuppes / Movies / Trailer04.03.2012

Football is God (Documentary)

Der Film erforscht die Beziehung zwischen Glauben und Fußball, indem er drei Fans des argentinischen Clubs Atlético Boca Juniors begleitet. Hernán, ein Intellektueller, ist berauscht von seiner unauflöslichen Liebe zum Verein. Der Arbeiter Pablo hält Ex-Boca-Star Diego Maradona für einen Gott. Die Exzentrikerin La Tia (Die Tante) ist überzeugt, dass alle Boca-Spieler ihre Söhne sind. In „Fußball ist Gott“ geht es neben dem Spiel auch um Glauben, Leidenschaft und den Wunsch, Teil eines Größeren zu sein.