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Basketball / Business / Sports10.08.2014

District judge: the NCAA cannot stop colleges from paying football and basketball player

The National College Athletic Association has violated antitrust laws and must allow colleges to offer student athletes a limited share of revenue, a U.S. judge ruled on Friday in a lawsuit that seeks to redefine traditional notions of sports amateurism. More than 20 current and former athletes sued, saying that players should share in the profits of college athletics, a highly lucrative business in which universities reap billions of dollars from men’s football and basketball.


Basketball / Business / Sports / TV10.01.2014

Der 800-Millionen-Dollar-Wurf

Ozzie und Daniel Silna waren Besitzer eines erfolglosen Teams einer längst untergegangenen Liga. Dann kamen sie auf den cleversten Vertrag der amerikanischen Sporthistorie. Nun will die NBA sie aus dem Deal herauskaufen.


Crimes / Sports24.10.2013

Mike Tyson – My Life As a Young Thug

When we started running, the huge crowd in the park opened up like Moses parting the Red Sea. It was a good thing they did, because, boom, one of my friends opened fire. Everybody scrambled when they heard the gun. I realized that some of the Puma Boys had taken cover between the parked cars in the street. I had the M1 rifle, and I turned around quickly to see this big guy with his pistol pointed toward me. “What the fuck are you doing here?” he said to me. It was my older brother, Rodney. “Get the fuck out of here.” I just kept walking and left the park and went home. I was 10 years old.


Arts / Business / Fuppes / Politics / Sports02.06.2013

Das Jazz-Duo zahlt, Ronaldo nicht

Top-Fußballer wie Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi oder Wayne Rooney zahlen bei Spielen in Deutschland mit ihren Mannschaften keine Steuern. So will es das Bundesfinanzministerium. Der Erlass gilt für Spiele aller Mannschaftssportarten im Rahmen europäischer Vereinswettbewerbe.  Künstler und Sportler werden im Steuerrecht gleich behandelt. Doch der neue Erlass ist nur für den Sport gültig, nicht für die Kultur.

PokerPages Photo

Interviews / Sports24.05.2013

When We Held Kings – The Oral History of the 2003 World Series of Poker

The oral history of the 2003 World Series of Poker, in which an amateur named Moneymaker turned $39 into $2.5 million and the poker boom was born.


Arts / Business / Documentary / Sports / Videos11.02.2013

Poster Boys: How The Costacos Brothers Built A Wall Art Empire

A University of Washington graduate whose football team had the best defense in the country at the time, Costacos came up with the idea of making a "Purple Reign" T-shirt to honor the team, featuring a lineman in a purple jersey falling from a cloud in the sky. Costacos printed up the shirts, traveled to a road game at Stanford one fall weekend and sold them in the parking lot. The idea was brilliant. By the end of the first week, he later estimated he had sold 20,000. An idea was born. Along with his older brother, Tock, he parlayed those T-shirts into series of sports-themed posters that, like that first T-shirt, played on pop culture. Together, they created one of the most influential businesses in the history of sports marketing. Its lasting impact eventually would extend all the way to a New York City art gallery, where, 25 years later, those posters were viewed as art and sold for thousands. At one show Ultimate Fighting Championship president Dana White bought the entire gallery collection.


Business / Fuppes / Politics / Sports30.01.2013

Unsere Freunde aus Katar

Am 23. November 2010, so ging es bereits aus früheren französischen Medienberichten hervor, war es zu einem Treffen im Amtssitz des französischen Präsidenten in Paris gekommen. Am Tisch im Élysée-Palast saßen demnach Sarkozy, der katarische Kronprinz Tamim Bin Hamad al-Thani, Sebastian Bazin, Europa-Repräsentant der US-Investmentfirma Colony Capital und damals noch Hauptaktionär des Fußballklubs Paris St. Germain, und eben Platini. Das Treffen soll bis auf Platini für alle zufriedenstellend verlaufen sein: Bazin wurde sein Verlustgeschäft mit PSG los, der Kronprinz aus Katar freute sich über eine weitere Investitionsmöglichkeit und Sarkozy war über die vielversprechende Zukunft seines neureichen Lieblingsklubs PSG schlicht „glücklich“, wie ihn sein Sprecher hernach zitierte. Blieb Platini da nichts anderes übrig, als seine Interessen denen seines Landespräsidenten unterzuordnen? Immerhin schaffte, ganz nebenbei, sein Sohn Laurent kurz darauf im Januar 2011 den Sprung in die Chefetage bei Qatar Sports Investment (QSI), jenem Ableger des Staatsfonds Qatar Investment Authority, der nun Eigentümer von PSG ist. Der Deal mit PSG, dem Klub, der seit über anderthalb Jahren mit Geld nur so um sich wirft, sei dabei „nur Teil eines größeren Deals“ gewesen. Das erzählt James M. Dorsey, Autor des Blogs „The Turbulent World of Middle East Soccer“ und ein viel beachteter Experte zum Thema Fußball im Nahen Osten.

Amoklauf am Niederrhein

Fuppes / Society / Sports14.12.2012

»Polizisten brauchen Liebe und Ordnung«

Die meisten Polizisten kommen dagegen aus gut behüteten Mittelschichtfamilien. 90 Prozent haben Abitur, keine Allergien, haben von ihren Eltern einen vollständigen Impfschutz bekommen und sind verbeamtet. Sie haben keine Erfahrung mit Prekariat, Bildungsdefiziten und Arbeitslosigkeit. Polizisten haben mit der problematischen Klientel als Gegenüber biografisch nichts gemeinsam. Die »offizielle« Polizei sagt zum Bürger heute »Kunde«, und sie bezeichnet sich selbst als Dienstleistungsunternehmen.


Documentary / Games / Sports / Videos02.11.2012

Tecmo Bowl Documentary

Tecmo Bowl is an arcade game developed and released in 1988. The godfather of football video games, Tecmo once ruled the controllers of sports fans everywhere. The documentary features coverage of an annual Tecmo Bowl tournament in Madison, Wisconsin, along with retired NFL players who played and starred in the game, most notably Christian Okoye.


Basketball / Business / Sports22.08.2012

Nike’s LeBron Sneakers to Test $300 Limit

Nike Inc. is raising the prices of its sneakers, assuming that the brand's cachet will carry it through a period when many of its shoppers are scrounging for discounts. As labor, materials and shipping costs increase, Nike is raising shoe and clothing prices by 5% to 10%, analysts say. A test of the approach comes this fall, when Nike will debut its priciest sneaker yet—an expected $315 LeBron James basketball shoe that includes its own electronics. The price leaps come after Nike's gross margins dropped to 42.8% from 44.3% in its most recent quarter ending May 31, the sixth-straight year-to-year quarterly decline. Nike's margins are now lower than most of its direct competitors, rival Adidas AG and apparel maker Under Armour Inc. Nike isn't the only sneaker maker asking customers to pay more. Adidas's signature three-striped Superstar shoes now cost $70, nearly 8% more than a year ago. Overall basketball shoe prices were up 9.4% compared with a year before as of June, according to market researcher NPD Group Inc., while soccer cleats jumped 15.5% and running shoes climbed 5.5%.


Photography / Sports13.08.2012

How Sports Photographers Shoot The Olympics

Reuters photographers and editors discuss their strategy for covering Olympics track and field events from every angle, such as the highly anticipated men's 100m final. Videography by Lucy Nicholson. Production by Jillian Kitchener.


Basketball / Documentary / Sports / Videos25.06.2012

The Dream Team

Twenty years after The Dream Team dominated unlike any other sports team in Olympic history, NBA TV's behind the scenes look at the squad brought back many moments of nostalgia. The documentary entitled The Dream Team, narrated by Edward Burns, began by looking at the history of Olympic basketball, including how the Soviet Union team won the gold in 1972 and 1988 just when it seemed like the Americans'amateur players were good enough to win the gold every year.


Basketball / Sports04.03.2012

The Malice at the Palace – An oral history of the scariest moment in NBA history

The images are just as striking almost a decade later. A cup splashes off Ron Artest in the closing moments of a blowout win against the Detroit Pistons. He leaps into the stands at the Palace of Auburn Hills and into sports infamy. Mayhem follows. Players fight fans, fans fight players, a chair is thrown, bottles are tossed — in seconds, the invisible wall that separates athletes and spectators is demolished; the social contract of arena behavior is left in shreds. What happened that night went well beyond nearly $10 million in forfeited paychecks and 146 games lost in suspensions.


Basketball / Sports / Videos27.02.2012

Michael Jordan vs. Dominique Wilkins

Michael Jordan claimed the NBA Slam Dunk 1988 championship after beating Dominique Wilkins. Needing 49 points to capture his second straight slam dunk title, Jordan headed to the opposite end of the floor to the delight of the Chicago fans. They knew what was coming. A la Dr. J., Jordan took off running, lifted off from the free throw line, double clutched in midair and slammed it down for the perfect score and the slam dunk title. "I looked up into the box seats and came across the guy who started it all, Dr. J," Jordan said. "He told me to go back all the way, go the length of the floor, then take off from the free-throw line. And I did it."

Boxing announcer David Diamante

Basketball / Sports22.12.2011

David Diamante – Nets Announcer Shows Flair and Hair

Diamante said he stopped cutting his hair in 1988, when he was a senior in high school. “There was a change in my life, and it felt right, and I just stopped cutting it,” he said, the dreadlocks swept behind him as he smoked. (He ties them up for announcing events.) “Will I cut it tomorrow? Maybe. Will I cut it later today? Maybe. Probably not. I try to go day by day and not to future-trip too much. It’s not that I don’t look to the future, but I really like to live in the moment and be present in the moment.”


Drugs / Sports18.10.2011

The Suicide Note of Marco Pantani

Pedal harder. You called me campione. Pedal harder. You called me cheater. Pedal harder.


Sports / Videos22.06.2011

Mike Tyson vs Evander Holyfield

One of the most famous fights in the history of boxing. Legends Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson fight a rematch for the WBA heavyweight championship of the world.


Arts / Sports17.06.2011

Creator of Nike’s famed Swoosh remembers its conception 40 years later

When the Nike pioneers caught their first glimpse of the black, curvy checkmark, the graphic designer waited patiently for a reaction. Nothing. Then, what else you got? Carolyn Davidson, pushing back disappointment that spring day in 1971, pressed on. One by one, she presented a handful of sketches. But ultimately the three men circled back to the checkmark, her favorite. "Well, I don't love it," Phil Knight said at the time, "but maybe it will grow on me."


Business / Crimes / Fuppes / Sports19.04.2011

Why football is in a fix

Declan Hill, in his seminal 2008 book on match-fixing, The Fix, quoted “a recent study for the American journal Foreign Policy [that] estimated the entire Asian gambling industry, both legal and illegal, at $450bn a year.” That’s perhaps 20 times the revenues of all of European professional football. When the sums bet on games dwarf the players’ wages, it’s no wonder match-fixing has become a global, stable and mature industry.


Berlin / Fuppes / Sports25.03.2011

Nachwuchs-Scouting: Hertha erteilt Hoffenheimern Hausverbot

"Zwischen Hertha BSC und 1899 Hoffenheim herrscht Verstimmung - die die Berliner zu einem Beschwerdebrief an 1899 und eine Protestnote bei der DFL veranlasst hat. Der Zweitliga-Spitzenreiter beklagt sich in dem Schreiben über das aggressive Abwerben der Kraichgauer von Jugendfußballern und auch über das Gebaren eines Hoffenheimer Scouts... In der Kritik steht vor allem der Hoffenheimer Chefscout Wolfgang Geiger...Bemerkungen wie "Die große Hertha macht sowieso nur Scheiße" oder "Die Spieler haben alles richtig gemacht. Was bildet sich Hertha BSC ein, dieser Stasi-Verein?" sollen gefallen sein."  


Fuppes / Politics / Sports22.03.2011

Davidsterne als Fliegerbomben

Der vermeintlich jüdische Club aus Amsterdam muss stets und überall mit Holocaust-Andeutungen der gegnerischen Fans rechnen, etwa Zischgeräuschen, die KZ-Duschen andeuten sollen, Reimen wie "Adolf, hier laufen noch elf, wenn du es nicht tust, machen wir's selbst!" oder dem Slogan "Hamas, Hamas, Juden ins Gas!", der auch auf aktuellen Videos im Internet zu hören ist.


Crimes / Fuppes / Sports21.03.2011

Zweiter Wettprozess: Sapina wieder vor Gericht

"Kurios verlief die angebliche Manipulation der Champions-League-Partie zwischen VSC Debrecen und AC Florenz am 20. Oktober 2009. Laut Anklage sollte der ungarische Torwart 100 000 Euro erhalten, war aber angeblich schon von anderer Seite bestochen worden. Die Partie beschäftigt auch den Internationalen Sportgerichtshof CAS. Zur völligen Farce sollen einige Spiele in der Türkei mutiert sein. Der 3:0-Sieg von Trabzonspor gegen Antalyaspor um den türkischen Antalya-Pokal ist laut Anklage zuvor von sämtlichen Spielern abgesprochen worden. Auf den Sieg von Istanbul Büyüksekir Belediyespor gegen Genclerbirligi Ankara am 3. Mai 2009 in der ersten türkischen Liga haben sich angeblich die Club-Präsidenten geeinigt. Aber auch bei Begegnungen in Belgien und in der Schweiz sollen die Anklagten Spieler von beiden Seiten auf ihren «Gehaltszetteln» gehabt haben"  


Basketball / Documentary / Movies / Sports / Videos18.03.2011

ESPN: The Fab Five (Documentary)

"In their heyday, the Fab Five were widely portrayed as the root of all evil in college sports. They wore baggy shorts and black socks. They blasted hip-hop music in the locker room. They talked trash. A lot. Those types of uniforms and behavior might be commonplace today, but 20 years ago it was revolutionary, polarizing and heavily influential to a generation of young athletes. Although the Fab Five never got into serious trouble off the court, the players symbolized to many people a clear shift in the sports world and youth culture. Fans of all races and demographics spent millions of dollars on Michigan jerseys, shorts and the like, trying to capture a tiny slice of the group's mystique. By the end of their second year together, the Fab Five were routinely battered in the national media for the way they carried themselves. Articles and television reports painted them as brash villains or worse -- as thugs. Now, two decades later, Rose, Jackson, King and Howard have come together in ESPN's "Fab Five" documentary to tell the inside story of the freshman class that was feted as rock stars. Notably absent is Webber, the No. 1 recruit from the Class of '91, who isn't yet willing to discuss two sticky subjects: the payment scandal, which led to legal problems for Webber and the removal of the Fab Five's banners from Crisler Arena, and the infamous timeout gaffe at the end of the 1993 national championship game."  


Fuppes / Sports09.03.2011

Das ist genau dein Ding!

Wer will so einen Job? Wer wäre gern beim FC Bayern München Trainer? O.k., Peter Neururer. Aber im Ernst jetzt, wer von denen, die in Frage kommen, die schon überaus erfolgreich waren und es also nicht nötig haben, das Geld und den Rummel und die jederzeit mögliche Demütigung, das Gequatsche, die Durchstecherei, das Vorsitzendenquartett?