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Arts / Skate / Videos24.11.2014

Bobby Puleo – Clues About The Rest Of The World

Short film by Tobin Yelland on Bobby Puleo and his art in the spring of 2005.


Interviews / Skate03.09.2014

The Andrew Reynolds Interview

I just went to a Zumiez contest in Nebraska and there were like 30 people there. People think skateboarding is bigger and there’s more money to be made off of it than there actually is. With everybody in the world wearing the Janoski shoe and how it took off… it made people say, “Wow, a pro skater’s shoe can sell like that!!?” because it had a pro skaters name on it. But his shoe just happened to be like a Chuck Taylor or something. Stefan killed it and made a good, timeless design, but it was a once in a lifetime type thing. That and some of the fashion stuff kind of led people to believe skateboarding is something that it’s not.


Skate / Videos16.07.2013

15 Years of Gonz

To anyone who knows anything about skateboarding Mark Gonzales needs no introduction. To those who don't know, The Gonz is a legend, a fearless and anarchic exponent of a style of street skateboarding probably best described as insane.


Interviews / Photography / Skate21.05.2013

Ed Templeton – Deliverance Interview

In the mid 90’s Ed Templeton started documenting life around him. As a professional skateboarder Ed has been able to travel the world on skate tours, giving him the opportunity to photograph his vision of contemporary culture and life around him. Ed’s camera mainly points towards the people he encounters in his everyday life, seeking for truthful moments to capture.


Movies / Skate03.05.2013

Legends Never Die

Two decades after a low-budget film turned Washington Square skaters into international celebrities, the kids from "Kids" struggle with lost lives, distant friendships, and the fine art of growing up.


Documentary / Skate / Videos03.07.2012

Skate On Film

This 20-minute film chronicles the influence that the video part has had on the skateboarding industry through current skater and filmmaker interviews along with footage from the most popular and respected videos of all time, ranging from Stacy Peralta's The Bones Brigade Video Show (1984), to Element's Rise and Shine (2011). "Skate on Film" combines in-depth interviews with industry greats, such as Andrew Reynolds, Matt Hensley, Heath Kirchart and Nyjah Huston, just to name a few.


Documentary / Skate / Videos17.04.2012

This Is Andrew

Desillusion magazine and Nixon proudly present their latest video instalment “This is Andrew”, a video portrait paying tribute to US street skateboarder Andrew Reynolds. Growing up in a small town in Florida, Andrew started skateboarding at a very young age. Due to his exceptional talent – Reynolds won the first contest he ever entered – he drew the attention of the skate industry and landed on some of the top sponsored teams as a teenager. Following Tony Hawk and others to the Californian epicentre of skateboarding at the age of 18, he met fellow skateboarders like Jim Greco, Ali Boulala and Knox Godoy, later on known as the “Piss Drunx”, ruling the streets of LA.


Music / Skate / Videos30.03.2012

Skate Rock China

Warn the US Embassy, because this has "International Incident" written all over it. After Thrasher Skate Rock torched numerous countries, China's next in line for the invasion. To give the gift of chaos, ringing ears, and amazing skating, Cons helped us send over a mob of 25 bros, including bands (LSDemons, Bad Shit) and the best skaters (Angel Ramirez, Don Nguyen, Dustin Dollin, Frank Gerwer, Justin Figueroa, Neckface, Nick Trapasso, Omar Salazar, Richie Belton, Sammy Baca, Sean Gutierrez, Shawn Hale, Thomas Bonilla, Tom Remillard, Tony Trujillo) in the world.


Skate / Videos23.02.2012

Emerica – Kids in Emerica

Kids in Emerica is a tour video featuring Andrew Reynolds, Heath Kirchart, Tosh Townsend, Erik Ellington, Kevin Long, Chris Senn, Austin Stephens, Aaron Suski, Leo Romero, Bryan Herman, Braydon Szafranski, Ed Templeton and the rest of the Emerica team.


Documentary / Skate / Videos14.02.2012

Who Is Antwuan Dixon?

Havoc.tv released an extensive interview with professional skate's enfant terrible Antwuan Dixon. Watch Antwuan talk about skating, tattoos, going to jail, the police and much more. Filmed and Edited by Eric Longden. Directed and Produced by Zack Warren.


Skate / Videos13.02.2012


Released in 2001, Collage is the most recent treasure from the Danny Minnick vault. Collage stays true to its title, featuring a boat-load of skaters captured by Minnick over the past several years in plenty of West Coast locations. The terrain varies greatly, with pools, vert, transitions, parks, ditches and street. On skateboards in order of appearance Mike Chin, Rob Welsh, AVE, Fred Gall, Danny Way, Briad Hord, Ryan Stangland, Lavar McBride, Danny Gonzales, Kareem Campbell, Javier Nunez, Eric Pupecki, Steven Cales, Kein Lieu aka Donger, Pat Duffy, Clyde Singleton, John Reeves, Jason Carney, Daewon Song, Pat Washington, Willy Santos, Mike York, Eric Koston, Christian Hosoi & Rune Glifberg.


Documentary / Skate / Trailer / Videos04.02.2012

Bones Brigade Teaser

Als kleiner Junge hatte Tony Hawk psychische Probleme, ein Psychologe seiner Schule hatte festgestellt, dass Hawk ein unterforderter Junge mit einem sehr großen Aggressionspotenzial war. Aus diesem Grunde schenkte ihm sein Bruder sein erstes Skateboard. 1982, gerade erst 14 Jahre alt geworden, startete Tony Hawk als Profi im Powell-&-Peralta-Team, der Bones Brigade. Mit 16 Jahren galt er als der weltweit beste Skater. Mit 17 kaufte er sein erstes Haus, zwei Jahre später ein Anwesen in Fallbrook. Mitte der 1980er Jahre begann seine Siegesserie. Tony Hawk wurde elf mal nacheinander Weltmeister. Er gewann in dieser Zeit 73 von 103 Wettbewerben (19 Mal wurde er Zweiter) und hat über 85 neue Skateboardtricks wie zum Beispiel den Stalefish, den Airwalk, den Madonna, den Gymnast Plant, den Hurricane oder den 900° erfunden. Der „900°“ wird als der schwerste Trick der Welt bezeichnet. Tony Hawk war einer der ersten Skateboarder, nach dem ein Schuhmodell benannt wurde.


Arts / Skate / Videos31.01.2012

Mark Gonzales – Weekend with the Gonz

Weekend with the Gonz from the Fourstar Super Champion Funzone extras.


Skate / Videos30.01.2012

King of the Road 2011

Here's the full KOTR 2011 video (all webisodes, back-to-back) plus an hour of bonus footage. Enjoy the wild ride one more time.


Skate / Videos29.12.2011

Epicly Later’d: Menace – Pt. 5 – Fabian Alomar

The final part of the Menace series focuses on Fabian Alomar. Fabian's story is so different than most skaters' lives that it almost seems unreal. This episode goes way beyond tricks or styles, or even skating for that matter, and delves into Fabian's upbringing and the lifestyle choices that lead to him spending eight years behind bars. Thank you again to Fabian and his family for letting us tell his story.


Skate / Videos29.12.2011

Radio – The Glimpse

The Glimpse, das erste Radio-Video von 2004, mit Till Kemner, Maxim Rosenbauer, Nino Ullmann, Vince Golly, Felix Martin, Dimitri Stathis und Nico Grunze, inklusive Cameos von TM Slow und Papa Radio.



The 30 Most Influential Skaters Of All Time

The most influential skater in the history of skateboarding hands down is Mark Gonzales. If you disagree with that then you’re wrong. You can pinpoint Mark back to everything, and know that Mark did it first. A, he did it first; and B, he did it like Mark, which is a really psychotic combo. He did it the best. Everything after was not the same. Everything was so all over the place. Look at Mark’s feet on his frontside ollies—nobody’s got that. It’s like his heels are one the board. It’s just the fucking greatest thing ever. -Jason Dill


Interviews / Skate / Streetwear14.12.2011

Interview with Jason Dill

I only make something when I feel like it's right, or if I have the right materials. I don't use the internet, I find everything I put out by hand, and sometimes I don't find enough material, or I make stuff and then I just don't like it. Also, Fucking Awesome isn't seasonal, it's just there when it's there, and I don't make much of it. I constantly shoot myself in the foot from a business standpoint actually 'cause I make it for sale but at the same time I don't want you to have it. It's a bit of a personality disorder company.


Skate / Videos13.12.2011

Brian Anderson Compilation 1996-2009

Get deep on your Brian Anderson history today with this sick fan edit of a huge chunk of BA's footage from '96-'09. Got an all-time favorite trick from the Street Pirate? Best big-guy style ever?


Arts / Music / Skate / Videos10.11.2011

A Love Supreme

A film by Thomas Cambell for Supreme, filmed in NYC 1995


Skate / Videos09.11.2011

Anti Hero – Fucktards

Filmed by Tobin Yelland. Edited by Julien Stranger. Shot with Hi-8, Super 8 and Pixelvision. Released in 1997 by Deluxe.


Interviews / Skate / Videos12.10.2011

Erik Ellington – Entrepreneur by heart

Interview with Erik Ellington in Copenhagen while on tour with Supra where he talks about coming up, starting companies, his role in the industry with Baker and Deathwish, people getting Piss Drunx tattoos and how deadlines bum him out.


Documentary / Downloads / Movies / Skate05.10.2011

King Of The Road 2010: Full Download

Four sick teams, 20 ripping skaters, head-to-head across America. The cover, the cash, and the crown: one team takes it all. Download the King of the Road video, in its entirety, right now for free.


Skate / Videos05.10.2011

The Emerica Mansion

A look inside the Emerica Mansion features Andrew Reynolds, Erik Ellington, Heath Kirchart, Bryan Herman, Kevin "Spanky" Long, Braydon Szafranski, Justin Regan, Jon Miner and more. From ON Video Skateboarding Fall 2002 issue.