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Documentary / Making-Of / Movies / Trailer / Videos23.03.2014

‘Jodorowsky’s Dune’ Theatrical Trailer

'Jodorowsky's Dune' is a 2013 American documentary film directed by Frank Pavich. The film explores Chilean-French director Alejandro Jodorowsky's attempt to adapt and film Frank Herbert's science fiction novel Dune in the mid-1970s.


Documentary / Music / Trailer / Videos24.01.2013

The What What

Noreaga and his longtime friend Geno Sims collected a treasure trove of hip hop footage back in the late 90’s for a documentary show they called The What What. And in this newly unearthed trailer, there is literally too much to comprehend. There’s random bits of Big Pun, KRS One, Eminem making crank calls, Snoop Dogg at his most misogynistic, a chubby 50 Cent coveting NORE’s then-new Skytel 2-way pager…There’s Jay-Z and Amil, Capone in prison, De La Soul….and at the 2:25 mark, we see Cam’ron shopping his new 17-year-old artist Juelz Santana to Chris Lighty (RIP) and his staff. Amazing.


Internet / Movies / Trailer27.03.2012

The movie trailer revolution

When James Cameron’s “Titanic” gets its theatrical rerelease in 3-D next week, it will emerge into a very different world for movies than when it first came out. It can be hard to notice how much has changed since 1997 just by watching a contemporary blockbuster like “Transformers” or “Twilight.” But the shifts have been massive, and significant. The emergence of digital technology has given audiences more entertainment options than ever, while simultaneously opening up new ways for fans to find each other and discuss pieces of pop culture. As the Web provides ever-more information at an ever-quicker pace, new tools for making movies have allowed filmmakers to cut up and recombine images and sound at the furious pace our entertainment consumption now seems to require. And all of these changes are visible in a single piece of film marketing: the movie trailer.


Documentary / Fuppes / Movies / Trailer04.03.2012

Football is God (Documentary)

Der Film erforscht die Beziehung zwischen Glauben und Fußball, indem er drei Fans des argentinischen Clubs Atlético Boca Juniors begleitet. Hernán, ein Intellektueller, ist berauscht von seiner unauflöslichen Liebe zum Verein. Der Arbeiter Pablo hält Ex-Boca-Star Diego Maradona für einen Gott. Die Exzentrikerin La Tia (Die Tante) ist überzeugt, dass alle Boca-Spieler ihre Söhne sind. In „Fußball ist Gott“ geht es neben dem Spiel auch um Glauben, Leidenschaft und den Wunsch, Teil eines Größeren zu sein.


Movies / Trailer / Videos23.02.2012

Gummo (Alternate Trailer By Mark Romanek)

Gummo is a 1997 American independent drama written and directed by Harmony Korine. A directorial debut for Korine, the film stars Jacob Reynolds, Jacon Sewell and Chloe Sevigny. Rather than following a linear plot, the film is a series of seemingly unrelated vignettes depicting the hopeless, nihilistic lives of the residents of Xenia, Ohio, a small Midwestern town that had been previously struck by a devastating tornado. This is an alternate trailer by Mark Romanek. His music videos have garnered 19 MTV Video Music Awards, including Best Direction for Jay-Z's "99 Problems" in 2004. He has also won three Grammy Awards for Best Short Form Music Video.


Documentary / Skate / Trailer / Videos04.02.2012

Bones Brigade Teaser

Als kleiner Junge hatte Tony Hawk psychische Probleme, ein Psychologe seiner Schule hatte festgestellt, dass Hawk ein unterforderter Junge mit einem sehr großen Aggressionspotenzial war. Aus diesem Grunde schenkte ihm sein Bruder sein erstes Skateboard. 1982, gerade erst 14 Jahre alt geworden, startete Tony Hawk als Profi im Powell-&-Peralta-Team, der Bones Brigade. Mit 16 Jahren galt er als der weltweit beste Skater. Mit 17 kaufte er sein erstes Haus, zwei Jahre später ein Anwesen in Fallbrook. Mitte der 1980er Jahre begann seine Siegesserie. Tony Hawk wurde elf mal nacheinander Weltmeister. Er gewann in dieser Zeit 73 von 103 Wettbewerben (19 Mal wurde er Zweiter) und hat über 85 neue Skateboardtricks wie zum Beispiel den Stalefish, den Airwalk, den Madonna, den Gymnast Plant, den Hurricane oder den 900° erfunden. Der „900°“ wird als der schwerste Trick der Welt bezeichnet. Tony Hawk war einer der ersten Skateboarder, nach dem ein Schuhmodell benannt wurde.


Documentary / Trailer / Videos22.06.2011

This Ain’t California – Skateboarding in der DDR

This is the story of three adolescents, who made an unlikely discovery on the GDR's crumbling tarmac: the skateboard. The board from America didn't just become the fun epicenter of their last summers in East Germany, but also turned into a symbol for their autonomy in a decrepit "Regelstaat" that had lost touch with its citizens. A mix of staged scenes and archive footage allows us an unconventional look into the universe of the late GDR's youth. The legend of East German skaters is the starting point for this unheard of story about fun, rebellion and the courage to be yourself.


Games / Movies / Sports / Trailer / Videos27.02.2011

FOCUS: A Documentary

FOCUS is a documentary about Mike Ross, a professional video gamer known for being one of the world's top Street Fighter players. The film is a portrait of his summer, as he travels the country competing in events in order to prepare for the biggest tournament of his life, while discussing the motivations, hardships and misconceptions of the gamer lifestyle.