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Skate / Videos13.02.2012


Released in 2001, Collage is the most recent treasure from the Danny Minnick vault. Collage stays true to its title, featuring a boat-load of skaters captured by Minnick over the past several years in plenty of West Coast locations. The terrain varies greatly, with pools, vert, transitions, parks, ditches and street. On skateboards in order of appearance Mike Chin, Rob Welsh, AVE, Fred Gall, Danny Way, Briad Hord, Ryan Stangland, Lavar McBride, Danny Gonzales, Kareem Campbell, Javier Nunez, Eric Pupecki, Steven Cales, Kein Lieu aka Donger, Pat Duffy, Clyde Singleton, John Reeves, Jason Carney, Daewon Song, Pat Washington, Willy Santos, Mike York, Eric Koston, Christian Hosoi & Rune Glifberg.